Private Tree Plan

Like in many midsize cities, the single largest land use in Cedar Rapids is the front, back, and side yards of single-family houses. These yards are where the derecho exerted it greatest impact, and where we can stage the quickest, most impactful recovery. In the year since the storm, hundreds of residents have already replanted, many taking advantage of tree adoptions by generous donors. However, most have not. This plan hopes to inspire that action and maximize its impact.

Private Tree Programs & Ways to Get Involved

Community Tree Distributions

Community Tree Distributions are an opportunity for Cedar Rapids’ residents to acquire high-quality, low-cost trees to plant in their yards. Distributions are held twice a year, once in spring and once in fall. For more information on our next tree distribution, visit TreesForever.Org/Adopt.


Trees Forever will continue – and work to expand – the Community Tree Distribution program, limiting its supply to yard trees on the ReLeaf Master Tree List.

Neighborhood Tree Captains Program

Neighborhood Tree Captains are local volunteer leaders working to recruit their neighbors to receive trees, free of cost, to plant in their yards. Captains serve as a valuable tool to their community by providing resources to aid with planting and caring for new trees.


For more information on the program visit TreesForever.Org/NTC or contact our Director of ReLeaf Cedar Rapids, Molly Stuelke, at

Tree Voucher Program

Trees Forever has partnered with five local nurseries to provide tree vouchers for Cedar Rapids residents. Eligible participants can qualify for an $100 or $250 voucher towards the purchase of a tree on the ReLeaf Master Tree List.


For more information visit TreesForever.Org/Voucher-Program or contact our ReLeaf Outreach & Communications Manager, Dina Haveric, at

Campus Canopy 10+

The Campus Canopy 10+ program is designed for institutions looking to plant 10 or more trees on their private property. Trees Forever will provide funding for trees and logistic support to eligible applicants.


For more information and to apply, visit or contact our ReLeaf Project Lead, Ben Vaughan, at


From early April through the end of October, our team is out planting and watering hundreds of trees all across Cedar Rapids. Our goal to replant the City’s canopy is a big undertaking, and we need your help!


For individual volunteer opportunities, visit our volunteer portal at TreesForever.Org/ReLeaf-Volunteer.


For group volunteer opportunities, contact our Director of ReLeaf Cedar Rapids, Molly Stuelke, at


The Trees Forever TreeKeepers program is designed for people who want to become more knowledgeable about urban tree planting and care and who wish to become a stronger voice for trees in their neighborhoods and communities.


In-person classes will be held in both Cedar Rapids and Des Moines this March. To sign up for TreeKeepers, click here.