What in Pollination?!

By Dina Haveric, Green Iowa AmeriCorps Member Pollination is an essential ecological service, playing a critical role in the functioning of our entire ecosystem. In the United States alone, pollination of agricultural crops is valued at 10 billion dollars annually as nearly 80% of food-producing crops depend on pollinators. In addition to agricultural and economicContinue reading “What in Pollination?!”

Continued Care for Tree Health

By Dina Haveric, Green Iowa AmeriCorps Member The power of trees reaches far beyond the charm they provide to the natural landscape. Trees absorb pollutants, reduce energy costs, provide oxygen, mitigate soil erosion, and provide a plethora of social, economic, and environmental benefits. Maximizing your tree’s benefits will require some work however. Regular upkeep andContinue reading “Continued Care for Tree Health”


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