How to Lower Your Environmental Impact: A Guide

An ecological or environmental footprint can be defined by the impact of a person or community on the environment, expressed as the amount of land required to sustain their use of natural resources. As growing populations drive up emissions and increase the consumption of natural resources, it becomes increasingly important to create more sustainable dailyContinue reading “How to Lower Your Environmental Impact: A Guide”

Green Iowa AmeriCorps

Green Iowa AmeriCorps By Dina Haveric Green Iowa AmeriCorps, founded in 2009, is a state-wide community service program operating out of the University of Northern Iowa’s Center for Energy and Environmental Education. GIA members are partnered with host sites to serve Iowa communities through one of three branches: Energy and Community; Sustainable Schools; and LandContinue reading “Green Iowa AmeriCorps”

Ecosystem Services and Trees

While it is extremely difficult to put a monetary value on all the ways nature enhances our lives, there are real, tangible benefits to living in a world with healthy ecosystems. The value of nature to humans has been discussed for decades, but more recently the idea of ecosystem services was introduced to describe theseContinue reading “Ecosystem Services and Trees”

Trees and Water Quality

By Dina Haveric, Green Iowa Americorps Member Generally, when one thinks of forests and trees, they understand the crucial role they play in purifying the air we breathe by removing harmful particles and pollutants. What one oftentimes overlooks, however, is the important role they play in keeping our water sources clean too. Water is aContinue reading “Trees and Water Quality”


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