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What We Do: The Impact of Trees

Water Quality Initiatives

Trees Forever works with landowners and communities to improve water quality by establishing streamside buffers that reduce soil erosion and decrease pollutants runoff.

Roadside Improvement

Native landscaping, prairie plants and trees along our roadsides and trailsides are critical elements to managing stormwater, snow, soil erosion, and more.

Community Forestry

Volunteers complete and maintain locally-led tree planting projects that add age and species diversity to existing community forests.

Advocacy and Education

Through all of our work, Trees Forever seeks to educate volunteers and communities on the importance that trees and natural areas play in our lives.

Growing Futures

Trees Forever employs teens to plant and care for trees all while learning skills that will ready them for career pathways.

Carbon Crediting

Trees Forever can assist your community with certification and documentation for tree planting project carbon crediting.

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