Carbon Credits

Carbon Credits

Trees Forever, alongside our volunteers and community partners, is taking a position at the cutting-edge of carbon sequestration through our planting work. Trees are carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction factories, taking in carbon during photosynthesis and holding it in their roots, trunk, and leaves. With 50% of a tree’s biomass being carbon, the world-wide impact that trees have on CO2 reduction is a massive opportunity that can’t be ignored.

Carbon Crediting with Trees Forever

Trees Forever is partnered with City Forest Credits, a U.S.-based nonprofit carbon registry, to offer Carbon+ Credits, a standardized unit that delivers quantified and reportable CO2 sequestration, stormwater reductions, energy savings, and air quality improvements. Companies with social responsibility goals purchase Carbon+ Credits. Already, Trees Forever is producing carbon credits from trees planted in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids and has a grant from the US Forest Service, to explore further explore plans in smaller, rural communities throughout Iowa and Illinois.

How Does it Work?

In a typical scenario, Trees Forever will act as a “project operator” for tree plantings. Towns that agree to plantings will commit to a 26-year project duration. Trees are planted and mapped to include geolocation, species, and size. Projects can range from small seedling or sapling plantings, to more mature landscape-sized trees. Annual documentation is submitted for quantification and third-party verification of the number of carbon credits achieved. The credits issued can either be sold or “retired”. If sold, proceeds from the sales can be used in city budgets, for tree maintenance, or for future plantings.

Get Involved!

Trees Forever can help your community navigate the carbon crediting process. Whether you are looking to create carbon credits through a Trees Forever planting happening in your town, or are conducting your own plantings that needs certification, our program managers can help your project along a path of success. Municipalities will be expected to provide some annual documentation from their community trees. Trees Forever will then handle the documentation and paperwork processes to achieve crediting.