Recreational Trails Program (State)

Recreational Trails Program (State)

Funding to establish recreational trails for the use, enjoyment and participation of the public.

Eligible Project Criteria

Proposed recreational trails projects shall meet all of the following requirements:

Involve a public use trail
Must be part of a local, area-wide, regional or statewide plan
Trail route shall be designed to allow enjoyment of scenic views or points of historical interest and to maximize safety

Eligible projects include:

Land acquisition
Trail surfacing, resurfacing, rehabilitation, modernization, upgrading and reconstruction, including pavement repairs and overlays and shoulder widening and stabilization; or trail construction including grading, drainage, paving and erosion control
Bridge and culvert repair, modernization, replacement or initial construction
Roadway intersection or interchange improvements, including warranted traffic signalization that is an integral part of the project
Construction or improvement of rest areas, information centers, waysides, permanent interpretive displays, lighting, and rest rooms, including the costs of utility connections that are an integral part of the project
Design engineering and construction inspection costs directly associated with the project
Storm drainage and storm sewer costs to the extent needed for draining the trail
Utility relocation costs necessary for trail construction or improvement if the utility is not located on public right-of-way
Trail signs, fencing, landscaping, parking areas and walkways

Additional Requirements and Information

Funds may be granted up to a maximum of 80 percent of project costs.

A 25 percent local match is required.

All designs must be approved by the DOT.

The applicant must have an approved permit from the DOT maintenance engineer to perform any work within the state right-of-way.

Awarded trails must be maintained as a public facility for a minimum of 20 years.


Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT)

Eligible Applicants

State agencies
Nonprofit organizations

Application Deadline

Applications are due by July 1, 2023

Award Announcement

Applications and further details can be found by visiting the web links provided on the previous page.

Applications and other required support materials are to be emailed to Scott Flagg (contact info below).

Contact Person

Scott Flagg, Program Manager – Federal and State Recreational Trails Programs
Office of Systems Planning
Iowa Department of Transportation
800 Lincoln Way
Ames, IA 50010
Phone: (515) 239-1252