Iowa Urban Tree Council

Mission Statement

Recognizing that trees and forest ecosystems are vital components of Iowa communities, the mission of the Iowa Urban Tree Council is to provide guidance, leadership, and assistance to public officials, professionals, volunteers, and organizations in implementing urban forestry solutions.

Annual Awards and Luncheon

Each spring the Council recognizes exceptional individuals and organizations for their work in urban forestry. Individuals, groups of people and organizations do an outstanding job across the state in planting and caring for trees within our communities. Please take the time to nominate worthy Iowans for an award from the Iowa Urban Tree Council. Winners will be recognized at the annual luncheon.


The Iowa Urban Tree Council (IUTC) is a volunteer council that works to advance the conservation and maintenance of urban forests throughout Iowa. The Council provides assistance and advice to the state urban and community forestry program, administered by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The council works in partnership with all sectors to address local urban forestry issues by bringing together professionals, academics, government, industry, volunteers and the general public. Several Trees Forever staff volunteer as members of the Iowa Urban Tree Council, providing assistance and leadership in urban forestry across the state.