Illinois Buffer Partnership

Illinois Buffer Partnership

The Illinois Buffer Partnership promotes and showcases the voluntary conservation efforts of Illinois farmers and landowners. This program is a collaborative partnership of Trees Forever, Syngenta, GROWMARK, state and federal government agencies, Trees Forever members and participating landowners.

Primary Goals:

  • To reduce soil erosion, improve water and soil quality, as well as provide wildlife and pollinator habitat
  • To highlight the ongoing efforts to restore Illinois’ flood plains.
  • To increase the awareness of buffers and other conservation practices.

Eligible Participants

Each year, between 10-20 Illinois Buffer Partnership participants are selected to receive cost-share assistance, on-site assistance from Trees Forever field staff, project signs and the opportunity to host a field day to highlight their project.

Types of conservation projects eligible for the Illinois Buffer Partnership program include: riparian buffers, livestock buffers, streambank stabilization projects, wetland development, pollinator habitat, rain gardens and agroforestry projects.

Benefits for Participating Farmers and Landowners

Cost-share funds are available to select landowners to help support their project. Participants will be reimbursed, in an amount up to $2,000 for 50 percent of the expenses that remain after Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) or other federal, state or local funding has been applied to their project. Landowners can also benefit from a seed cost-share program offered through FS/GROWMARK.

Application Deadline: March 31