Iowa’s Living Roadways Community Visioning

Iowa’s Living Roadways Community Visioning

a Transportation Enhancement Program

Our Community Visioning program is a process that encourages visionary and strategic thinking about transportation improvements in smaller Iowa communities. The centerpiece of this process is the development of conceptual plans that graphically illustrate the vision of the community for an improved transportation system.

Iowa communities eligible for the Iowa’s Living Roadways Community Visioning program must have populations of 10,000 or fewer. Priority is given to communities that lack planning resources within their city government. Communities selected for Community Visioning agree in writing to commit $2,000 toward implementation of a project proposed through the visioning process. A steering committee that represents the community, including a local government partner, is required to attend a day-long workshop at the beginning of the process and an annual meeting at the end.

Upon completion of the Community Visioning process, the participating community will receive a series of display boards that include conceptual drawings and images illustrating their transportation plan, as well as implementation strategies.  All final products will also be available electronically in order to help facilitate grant writing and community development needs.

Application deadline: September 1