Coalition for Iowa’s Woodlands and Trees

“Forestry generates an estimated 20,000 jobs and $1 billion in economic activity in Iowa each year. The Coalition for Iowa’s Woodlands and Trees believes a reasonable appropriation of state funds is necessary to protect Iowa’s woodlands and sustain this important industry.”

Kiley Miller, Trees Forever CEO

Coalition for Iowa’s Woodlands and Trees

Coalition members Trees Forever, Iowa Woodland Owners Association, Iowa Nut Growers, Iowa Tree Farm Committee, the Iowa Urban Tree Council and Trout Unlimited advocate together for investment in Iowa’s trees, forests and forestry industry. They are supported in this effort by other interested organizations and individuals and by a paid consultant working year-round.

The Coalition in 2022 is calling on the Iowa Legislature to appropriate $3 million for forestry health and recovery from the unprecedented storms that have devastated our state’s tree canopy in recent years.

Join us in speaking for the trees by contacting your local representative.