Surface Transportation Programs (Highway, Bridge, & Transit)

Surface Transportation Programs (Highway, Bridge, & Transit)

This federal program was established to aid public road jurisdictions with funding for roads on federal-aid routes or bridges on any public road, provide funding for transit capital improvements, and provide funding for transportation planning activities.

Additional Requirements and Information

The minimum/maximum award amounts vary according to Regional Planning Affiliation (RPA) and Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) guidelines.

For Federal-aid programs, a minimum of 20 percent non-federal match is required (80 percent federal funding).

For the HBP-Swap program, construction is funded at 100%
DOT approval of plans and specifications is required.

Additional transit project regulations:

Capital improvements require adherence to approved transit procurement procedures and equipment specifications.
Project candidates must be part of an approved five-year Capital Improvement Program.
Transit projects must be approved by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), either as part of a direct grant or statewide grant.
Federally funded projects must comply with requirements regarding:

Civil rights protections and use of disadvantaged business enterprises
Competitive procurement
Bus testing
Pre- and post-procurement audits
Drug and alcohol testing

Additional bridge project regulations:

Bridge candidates must be classified as structurally deficient or functionally obsolete.
Bridge replacement candidates must have a structure inventory and appraisal (SI&A) sufficiency rating of 60 or less and daily traffic of at least 25 vehicles.
Bridge rehabilitation candidates must have an SI&A sufficiency rating of 80 or less and average daily traffic of at least 25 vehicles.


Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT)

Eligible Applicants

Public agencies with public road jurisdiction, public transit responsibilities or transportation planning responsibilities.