New Horizon Elm


Scientific Name: Ulmus ‘New Horizon’

Size at Pick-up: Approx. 3-6 feet tall in a 3 gallon container


  • One of the most reliable trees to transplant, fast growing, and adaptable to the majority of soil types
  • Resistance to Dutch Elm disease and Elm Leaf beetle
  • Branch structure attractive to nesting birds

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Zone: 3-7
Mature Habit: Upright, vase, oval
Size: 40’ to 60’ Tall by 20’ to 40’ Diameter
Best Light: Full sun to part shade
Growth Rate: Fast
Best Soil: Adaptable
Color: Dark green to yellow/orange
Landscape Uses: Large shade tree, street tree, wildlife habitat
Companion Plants: Lilyturf, Bluebell, Hosta, Delphinium, shade groundcover

This is an overstory tree – DO NOT plant under a power line