Dawn Redwood


Scientific Name: Metasequoia glyptostroboides

Size at Pick-up: Approx. 3-6 feet tall in a 3 gallon container


  • Similar in looks to bald cypress but much larger
  • Fern-like foliage turns bronze in the
  • Peeling, reddish brown bark and low branching makes for an excellent specimen
  • Low branches should be left untrimmed, if possible, to encourage best overall shape
  • Branching habit is very attractive to winter wildlife


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Zone: 5-8
Mature Habit: Upright, pyramidal
Size: 70’-120’x25’
Best Light: Full sun
Growth Rate: Fast
Best Soil: Deep, moist to wet, acidic
Color Change: Green changing to bronze
Landscape Uses: Specimen, shade tree for large yard, year-round interest
Companion Plants: Ginkgo, Japanese Maple, Rhododendron, Dogwood, Astilbe

This is an overstory tree – DO NOT plant under a power line