Bur Oak – State Tree of Iowa


Scientific Name: Quercus macrocarpa

Size at Pick-up: Approx. 3-6 feet tall in a 3 gallon container


• Bur oak is the official tree for the state of Iowa
• Excellent choice for Iowa due to our above average soil alkalinity
• Tolerant of heat, drought, acidic soil, poor drainage
• Host plant for many native butterflies and provides food for native wildlife

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Zone: 4-7
Mature Form: Upright, rounded
Size: 70′ to 80′ Tall by 70′ to 80′ Diameter
Best Light: Full sun
Growth Rate: Slow
Best Soil: Dry, well-drained, alkaline
Color Change: Green to yellow
Landscape Uses: Specimen, large shade tree for difficult areas, naturalization
Companion Plants: Honeylocust, Serviceberry, Lilac, Quince, Coneflower

This is an overstory tree – DO NOT plant under a power line